суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

The October

Profit and loss
Paradise Poker: + $ 1.90
VC Poker: $ 22.79
Dream Poker: $ 26.86
($86 Bonus) Party Poker: $ 127.63 ($ 86 bonus)
($50 Bonus) Sun Poker:-$ 0.25 ($ 50 bonus)
($55 Bonus) Crazy Poker: $ 45.74 ($ 55 bonus)

Total: $ 224.67

Among the numbers
Sun Poker is my single room with a loss this month. It is a pity that it is the last week ran so bad, otherwise it would have a few dollars more. However, there still Rake Back added, however, I have not included because this is up next month on my account.
Party Poker is the winner of the month. This is, however, in a generous bonus and two very good days at NL Party.

My game
It is virtually the first month I again NL games, I think that it was quite ok. I still have a little balance between the aggressors and calculated play. Think this is the moment my main problem. I have to learn that I am not an aggressive player with even greater aggressiveness should try to beat.

There are at the moment at $ 200 bonus money which I freispielen. At Sun $ 100 and $ 100 at Paradise. If I am correctly informed, but also the next Sun bonus, as it is this 100% up to $ 100 every month.
Another prospect is my week's holiday in November, where I will hopefully so much time and desire, that I, at least one of the bonuses clearen and with a bit of luck finally something more "normal" profit making.

The last few days have the motivation and the profit slightly pulled down. In retrospect, was the month but not even that bad times. Of the more than $ 200 profit, unfortunately, was again the most bonus and just over $ 30 erspielter really profit. I see myself still in the learning phase, especially since I now so often the system really changed. Hopefully, this time I am finally decided, but I also think that my trips to the different system also brought something. So now, I can at least always a bonus in Limit poker handle it and knows what I do anyway.
I look forward to next month and I hope that I have the $ 1000 limit will crack!

geht noch an meine Leser. A big thanks goes to my readers. My blog is now in the 6th Month, and I am pleased to be able to say that I am now more than just a regular reader. Above all, I am pleased that many reading this blog, though I disagree with such a large amount as other herumhantiere and some of my large losses or gains can only smile. I hope that my blog the next few months remains up to date and its continued hard lest abgebt and comments!

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