суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Supplement ...

+$50 Bonus Sun Poker:-$ 7.79 + $ 50 bonus

Blogger has the last two days zicken. Therefore, there is now a small addendum. Actually, I have always played only on Friday until I had the bonus, and otherwise the weekend poker without rum.
My Poker this loss is probably one of the lowest of the week, however, it was deserved. Once again I have tried through aggressiveness to win a pot (which was in the trousers), I was at the other table, and I gefrustet with AQ and the top pair on the flop AI gecalled and was gone. But this time it was, so I was able to offset the losses again.

The next week I try a little back to hold, will read more as a play, so I then for the week (holidays!) Fit and motivated me. If Rake Brain punctually with the transfer, then I am even again at Sun Poker in the Plus and can almost start a new beginning.

Edit: I can just see that a whole post with me missing. Well, because the problems were probably still at large nature bloggers. geärgert... In my last post I am over-$ 60.45 angry ... We must not repeat. ;)

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