суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Crazy done, Paradise to come ...

+ $40 Bonus Crazy Poker-$ 3:47 $ 40 + bonus

The last couple of hands at Crazy were no major incidents, it is managed.
Deposit: $ 100
Payout: $ 145.74
Profit by Poker: $ 9:26 -
Profit by Bonus: $ 55 +
$45.74 Total profit: $ 45.74

The whole pulls my normal poker winnings back down somewhat, but the bonus hauptsache agrees first.

This is not boring to me, Paradise Poker has given me a nice e-mail. A 50% bonus up to $ 100 and the lass I obviously not escape. Is 10x is a bonus, but I make gains again after each 100RHs $ 10 on my account, and with Paradise yes, I would have only good experiences. Once I look like the parallel with the Sun hinbekomme bonus. The good is that not all the bonuses expire, and because I really can play where I just want to hab.

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