суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Pocket Pairs from the circus to elope?

Trident Poker: $ 58.40

Session 1
Today I tried seriously to play at Trident. So with $ 20 on the tables and it was also quite good. Almost my entire profit today, I owe a player named "deatharr." First, he was so kind with my Re-Raise AA to increase again, as I am, and he AI gecalled. The flop came KQx and I have trembled, but he has probably AK or AQ or something in the nature had. Later, he was so kind again AI to a call after I had taken a set, and he even grad Top Pair (9 with 2 as a kicker!) . Otherwise, the Pocket Pairs now itself had, I did 4x within half an hour Pocket 6s get other Pocket Pairs were often attended today, I have only a total of "only" 2x my set.
Total earnings: $ 48.63

I still do not know how and when I continue to play today. Actually, I still have to do something, but the weather is grad shit. Perhaps it is imputed to me tomorrow morning, as I have always gone. Yes, I think that sounds good.

Session 2
Well, I did it on tomorrow morning and pushed me instead decided a little poker to play. It began to shit, was quickly below $ 20, but then it went up. The Pocket Pairs were continuing. Now I really do not exaggerating, I had EVERY Pocket Pair, apart from TT at least once. AA, I had 3x, 2x QQ, and the rest came often. Somehow quite unbelievable.
In the end, it again served for $ 10 and the first 250RHs for the bonus are managed. Unfortunately, it takes somewhat to the $ 25 transfer, but they hauptsache.
Yet what good has also visited me: my first Straight Flush, and he was kind of badly paid. : (

Total earnings: $ 58.40

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