суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Today, I was once on it!

Sun Poker: $ 50.45

Today after work, I was first briefly in the city to tell me about a new monitor to buy. This will, of course, also had to be tested and, therefore, I am just 3 tables, which now fit comfortably side by side. ;)
And today it finally ran again. After all the failures, it was indeed time again. Today, the cards were clearly on my side. Pocket T's voted against AK. KK has twice visited me and AA was two times since. When was the last time someone so kind and is equipped with KK AllIn gone before me, well then even if AA holds.

Thanks to the profit, I am now back at Sun Plus and absolutely in my bank roll has for the first time the $ 800 limit passed. Let's hope that now again a few sunny days.

From a little adversity, I must still report. Normal yes, I had announced that I will leave next week. Unfortunately, I forgot my idiot holiday in the office to apply, so it has at the moment while my boss was received by e-mail, but it is unfortunately not in the system and not been officially approved. Not only can happen to me. Well, tomorrow I werd times with my boss calls. Let's see what comes out.

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