суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Shot at NL50

Sun Poker: $ 13:55
VC Poker: $ 2:16

Today, I have a short shot into the NL50 daring. I wanted to just take care snuffle like there is so. Therefore I am at Sun to a NL50 and NL25 to a table. But I must say that it really was only briefly, 34 hands to be exact. A nice Flush has me there, but a few dollars and brought to me I will also be satisfied. Overall, it was pretty satisfying, was the only NL50 table is a lot tighter than the NL25 table, however, was determined only by accident.
The $ 13 profit consist of $ 10 in NL50 and $ 3 for NL25.
For Sun, I have tried all the way, because I wanted to see whether the bonus will be a bit faster. Something went really fast, but still only 0:25 points almost at once, but often.

It is today, I will then leave, did just not a good mood and with anger in the abdomen should we not play.

Nagut, I did not turn my back and still held a round played at VC. Re $ 2 more, somehow NL10 is fairly easy or where it is easier for me to play aggressively. With one hand, I have shaken his head, but after I checked the River hab, I actually had a high Bet need to do. Here is the picture:

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