среда, 24 октября 2007 г.


Times look like today I come to play. About midday probably not so much, perhaps tonight, a little.

Session 1
Now, it at least once for a 10 minute test session at VC Poker sufficed. There will be $ 10 on the claw and another $ 25 in 4000 when Action Points. However, the limit tables are not really very busy, so I ordered this page to a new page incidentally zocken showing in the NL. Of course, the lowest limit: $ 0.02 / $ 12:04
Earnings: $ 1.96

Session 2
Wanted to be a little NL try, and did so in addition to the WoW play a little NL played at VC. As for the sessions, I can not say exactly now whether good or bad, because what I have done. But, in any case, I gained something ... Ehrlichgesagt and I think that the other really played awful.
Earnings: $ 2.62

Session 3
Do you know that? You play and you have really good maps, and the opponents are also all as we want them to, but then loses it, and you think: "Why did I not stopped?" I know the feeling and so I stopped today than it was best. It would also not be better. What we had as nice? Example Pia A-High-Flush vs. a lower flush vs. Pocket Aces. My gefloppter 9-High-Straight was also quite profitable.
On the second table ran it first not so good, but then came the first one's Full House with my two Kings and then again my two kings, which also without enough Full House.
Then I stopped, it was nearing a "positive tilt." Nevertheless beautiful again at Poker Stars have played. The difference to the Prima network is simply enormous.
( $20.10 ) Result: 20BBs ($ 20:10)

With the success of the last session, incidentally, I once again a nice intermediate goal. , da ich insgesammt knapp $200 eingezahlt hab, heißt das, dass ich mein Geld jetzt verdoppelt habe. My bank roll is now over $ 400, because I insgesammt just got paid $ 200, it means that I doubled my money now. Not bad as I think.

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