среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Without comment

Results today: -137BBs

Ok, but one comment: Now I finally know why you choose the tables in advance. At one end, I saw that as just 20% of the players saw the flop. If I had was good, then of course everyone gefolded, if not, then had someone else was better. gekostet. Especially today ATs was cruel to me, I was almost alone cost $ 15. und der Rest wurde einfach so Stück für Stück abgeknabbert. Then again QQ $ 5 and the rest was just nibbled off piece by piece. But today, at least I learned something:

  • Before look like the tables are tight
  • Out on Top Pair leave (which I think have learned four times!
This is a very great loss for a day, but I had already been greater. At least now I reagier pretty calm when I lose a large pot, a Tilt-risk, I can almost exclusive. Then I must now only hope for better maps, and then fly me the money again. im realen Minus. With the loss today, I am back $ 4 in the real minus. * Sigh *

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