среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Level Change

Yes, I know I am bad, and can never stay in one thing. But I am still halt in the self-discovery phase. This time I will hopefully stay. Changes I have to $ 0.5 / $ 1 FL. Here is the luck factor slightly lower and you can still win a little money.
I now have the BBs counted from the July 24, 2006, so I am already a few shares. The level will rise to 750BBs I do, because my BR should be large enough to make $ 1 / $ 2 to play, and I let the loss of not quite previous attempt by the board. Hopefully this will be a little better.
Another target bonus, I also set: 1000 Party Points. These are then enough to me a couple of ordinary playing cards at Party Poker.

bei Party Poker raus. Today I only played 30 minutes and came back crazy $ 2.75 at Party Poker out. Bonus sind allerdings auch schon angekommen. My $ 20 bonus, however, are already arrived. die ich bei Titan Poker erspielt habe. What course should also be mentioned, the $ 0:34 I achieved at Titan Poker. Here I am always on the $ 0.01 / $ 0.02 PL tables, if I play World of Warcraft. So, I have been there still around $ 3 profit made (and just $ 5.50 in the poker tournament tips lost).

* Update *
So, now I have my long session at Party still behind me. Once again 90 minutes. However, I would have to stop after 60 minutes, because I was still about $ 10 forward. ! But do not worry, I did after 90 minutes still Profit: $ 1.50!
Nevertheless, I was with my game today satisfied, a little more aggressive than usual, I was really one or the other has yet Pot. I should consider myself slow times, not whether I should leave the table if it is not running. Two tables, I have played both, I started with $ 20. On a table at the end, I still about $ 5, and at about $ 2 table 36th Kelly ran ...
Actually, I wanted to today, so at Bet365 continue to play, so I will continue with my bonus come. But there were only two tables occupied and both were below 30% per Players flop. That's me then but a little too tight.

Altogether for today would be then:
Party Poker: $ 4.25
Titan Poker: $ 1.64
(Bonus) Bet365: $ 20 (bonus)
Total: $ 25.89

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