среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Down and up again ...

Today I played two sessions, but I still $ 0.5 / $ 1 FL try.
Once a 30-minute session at Party Poker. Somehow the page brings me but absolutely no luck. abknöpfen. At the end of the session I had my teammates $ 12:25 buttons.
But anything half as bad, because in the evening I have a brief 15 minute session at Bet365 played. Shortly before quitting, I got on the button KTo still on the hand, actually not a very good hand, but somehow I like it. The flop was then bidding KxT and my teammates brought me up a $ 15 pot. . In the end, it was this $ 18.75.

That makes a combined daily income of at least $ 6.50

* Update *
I was with the party but not sit on me and did a few laps daring. Unfortunately, the server Party walked into the knee went. gereicht. Has yet again for $ 2 meals. Better than nothing.

Party Poker:-$ 10.25
Bet365: $ 18.75
Total: $ 8.50

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