среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Once again Plus

Finally coming back a little profit. And do you know how? With Fixed Limit! After I almost my entire party bank roll again verzockt did, I did with the last $ 15 on a $ 1 / $ 2 table and played there. The reason for this is that I have read that the limit from the players slowly least know what they are doing.
With JQ I am on the flop, which brought me netterweiße 89T. The rest was simple: Offer offer. ) am Ende wieder vom Tisch. So I ended up with $ 30 ($ 17.17) at the end of the table. The same I then made of pure curiosity at Bet365 and also tried Stars. und bei Bet365 $5.50 . For Stars brought it to me at $ 2.25 and $ 5.50 Bet365. The course is one not to my level, which is precisely eh paused, the bonus for me at Bet365 processing. Den I will be comfortable with $ 0.5 / $ 1 processing FL, as one gets the rake together and I did not risk in the NL neck.

Results of the day: $ 24.92

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