среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Wild Jack Poker Bonus Details

So, this morning my bonus was also there, in numbers all look like this:

Start: $ 70
Paid: $ 94.50
(davon $50 Bonus, ich habe als $25.50 beim Pokern verloren) Profit: $ 24.50 ($ 50 bonus, I have as $ 25.50 at the poker lost)

War is not really a pokerliche luster performance which I have since returned, thanks to the bonus, it was still the black again. Next, I will go to my free money grab Empire and the 25% bonus clear. At Empire, the beautiful, that everyone there Rake as RH counts, I think, therefore, that I put it there will be very easy and simple to the lowest tables will go I think.

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