среда, 24 октября 2007 г.


Session 1
After a cleaning session in the apartment, I instinctively followed a party poker session afterwards. The funny: I really had no desire to play. Therefore, I after 5 minutes stopped again. There is nothing special happens. The first $ 2 Pot I have stolen, then still a beautiful flush J 9 against high and the conclusion of the blinds again with Pocket T's. That's it then, exactly 4 minutes.
( $6 ) Result: 6BBs ($ 6)

Session 2
In re Party, again only very briefly. Just 25 minutes, then I was tired of the dinner attacked. Actually, it was pretty close. I am with $ 10 to a table, so at least I was able to play two tables. At one table, I was already down to four before I with a "me everything no matter action again to $ 15 high bin. After the action, I knew even then that I probably better to stop.
( $5.50 ) Result: 6BBs ($ 5.50)

Session 3
During the night, I have it this time with Bet365 tries. Since the tables were not so tight, it was better not there yet. Gingrich up and down, and I was actually the last hand before a 2-digit loss preserved. But I played pretty long and got the next 100RHs almost full, I was then $ 20. Look how many times the morning still missing, more than 10 should not be.
-5BBs ( -$5.25 ) Result: -5BBs (-$ 5.25)

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