среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

What bonus?

Now I mean no Reload or First Depsite bonus, but the FPP shop at Poker Stars. I 31FPPs Meanwhile, it's also quicker than I thought Toltec. Now I just do not know what I will work towards:

  • Anti-stress and for the ball or 100FPPs. That would be my "main thing I was krieg" solution.
  • Send a metal containers for 800FPPs (there were 800? Hmm ...). That would be nice, but I never drink coffee. Certainly one can reinfüllen other beverages, only whether the worthwhile for me! ?
  • Two card sets plastic for 1000FPPs. That would certainly still in the realm of possibility, but it would probably take the longest.
Suggestions? I will just continue the points and save myself probably at the end between the card sets and drinking. Look time ...

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