среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

WE almost over ...

How fast can it go and it is again Sunday. Look what time of day it all. Hopefully some good cards.

Session 1
Let's start again at Stars. First, I must forget it a little annoyed that I have a pot against someone with Pocket 3's lost hab. But it would not be this good man, I would be with my Straight probably not so much gained. Had not the time for a longer session, so I really only played one orbit.
( $5.60 ) Result: 6BBs ($ 5.60)

Session 2
Unfortunately, I was fortunate enough probably no longer hold, but the other Donkeys, with the last Mist will still have won. No matter, sooner or later they will pay me!
( - $8.10 ) Result: -8BBs (-$ 8.10)

Session 3
As I said it. Sooner or later they will pay me back. Not as much as I really wanted, but at least enough to the day again with a plus to leave. Although .. Who knows what the evening brings so. Actually, I would have liked so slow times my money from Wild Jack Poker, so I do with the bonus of Empire can begin.
( $8.30 ) Result: 8BBs ($ 8.30)

Session 4
Jaja, the day would have been so nice to them, but no, I have absolutely yes me again at the tables. Hardly I sat at the tables, already has been removed from the 40% per player flop tables with under 20%. No matter ...
Somehow I turn in a circle. Every time I am around 80BBs, then I fall back on 50BBs back. Sometime this limit, but must be broken! Maybe yes next week ...
( -$31.45 ) Result: -31BBs (-$ 31.45)

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