среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Slow start to the week

So first, I must say that my players at Poker Stars is a lot better than at Eurobet.com. At PS Varna people at least once if they have nothing, and even if it does so only one fish at the table then you can exclude in peace.

Two sessions I played today, unfortunately, was the second Something mixed. Unfortunately, I am with my Pocket Pocket against J's K's running, and did so 40BBs lost. The I then at the other tables again achieved. However, I am very loyal to the cards: 1x AA, KK 3x, 3x AK (with whom I have only won 1x).

( $3.50 ) Session 1: +14 BBs ($ 3.50)
( $0.20 ) (Hier war wegen meinen J's Schadensbegrenzung angesagt) Session 2: +1 BB ($ 0.20) (This was because my J's mitigation announced)

Think it is in any case better than Eurobet, especially any time you can make even more than just on its cards. After a mediocre flop here can sometimes steal the pot immediately, not as Eurobet, where until just durchgecalled River.
What I get a 3x already happened, is that once all the people from the table geflohnen bin. Suddenly, sitting only to 3rd At the table, and wonder why so quickly. Unfortunately, Poker Stars yes no avatars as other pages, so that you are not necessarily at first glance, if all seats are occupied.

My FPPs are rising also, there are now 11 pieces. If that continues, I need only 4.5 instead of 22.5 years at the chip-on suitcase. ;)

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