среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Almost the end of the month

Shortly before the end of the month seems to be my statistics back something to improve. In any case I should profit from last month hold.

Session 1:
At Bet365 there was of course only one tighten table again, so again Party Poker. It was actually quite good. A player has my bank roll up and down ride, because you never knew what he really has.
A beautiful hand, he scrambles to me, I was in the flop with AQ, which brought me TQ5 rainbow, the flop brought me an A and a further fifth River At the end, a $ 12 pot together, of course, he had A5 (of course, so we called a PFR), and thus his Full House, but in the end, he paid more than me.
( $15.25 ) Result: 15BBs ($ 15:25)

Session 2:
The tables at Bet365 are still not better, so once the party tables unsafe. This time, however, only for 25 minutes, because somehow I simply played too much. At one table, I got more than 40% in the flop times. I did two times in succession Pocket J's and get what I first got to win, the second I lost again. Nonetheless, it ran fine for the couple of minutes. Now, I have to feed something first.
( $10.00 ) Result: 10BBs ($ 10.00)

Session 2 1 / 2:
I will not deprive you of course you still present and the result of my Titan Poker Session, so my "I play WoW and also try to play a little poker" Trust. There, I really just play the cards, without my teammates to respect. I think this may be the limit currently allow.
Result: $ 12:27

So then I finish the day, and see what times the monthly review tomorrow so.

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