среда, 24 октября 2007 г.


This was now a real shot once in the oven, two sessions I played today, both actually interrupted only by meals. At the tables, you have a fish already detected the smell, everything gecalled, losses made without end. But what happens if I have something against them playable? Either I treff nothing, or take it on the River Full House. It was just like jinxes. If I had something, then I have the flop of course totally misguided. I AJ, the flop comes KQ, I did KJ, the flop comes QA. Actually, not so bad, everything is so close to the straight, I only ever get to? No! This is now a serious blow to my level, but at least I get a lot of RHs today, so that only ~ 50 for the bonus missing. The $ 50 werd However, I also need to turn the matter not to go out losses.

( -$6.50 ) Session 1: -6.5 BBs (-$ 6.50)
( -$19.50 ) Session 2: -19.5 BBs (-$ 19.50)

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