среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

TV-Total Poker Night

Well, since Mr. Raab was again invade. Five celebrities and qualify occur in the NL Texas Hold'em against each other. Played: Stefan Raab, Bully, Elton, Heike Makatsch and Sascha. The "normal" was the mouthed qualify (Christoffer) Europoker.net tournaments.
First, of course, each of the halfway mastered the poker hands up over his head, because what those who wish to have included in each table. As what was only bluffing and went with each hand. Christoffer is actually quite cleverly done, it has emerged from the worst kept out and is as simple ITM come with it - for 5 Space already was € 5,000. In the end, he is at 4, because he KK AllIn gone and unfortunately Raab gecalled was ... With 62o, the man against a handful so little chance was clear, at least as the 3rd Six then came on the turn.
Overall, it was quite funny, we could take seriously the whole course not, but yes we should basically nothing to take seriously what Mr. Raab produces.

My favorite player was Bully "is still a card on the River" Herbig, which is really in each hand again, everything can be explained. Yes, I think that it deal only with the woman wanted to flirt.

Incidentally winner was Elton, then in the Bully Heads Up defeated.

My Conclusion
A funny evening with funny poker players. Let us hope that now some people claim to have poker, and these players as role models. Glaub then I have to rest Everlast switch-Ever Rest was the only poker hand, the advertising has made (of Europoker.net apart).

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