вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

First Day at Eurobet.com

Soooo ... It's 1:30 at night and I would like the first day at Eurobet.com already quit. Altogether, I was very pleased with both the software, as well as with my profit. Altogether, I had three sessions today.

, für die paar Minuten spielen sicherlich nicht schlecht. The first session was the Probier-Session which I already wrote: +16 BBs, for the few minutes of play certainly not bad.

. The second session I presented in the hour before the football match, and succeeded in this pleasant to +171 BBs.

The third session was just up and was probably the most unsuccessful of all. At first everything looked really good, but then I was probably slowly falters and lost so neat. On my second table ran it better, which is almost the entire chose: -9BBs

If things continue this way, then I probably soon become the second level. It will also be necessary, otherwise I seh bonus for the black.

Current Level: 1.5 ($ 0.10 / $ 0.10 PL)
Big Blinds: +178
Poker Points: 8.19 / 273
Real:-$ 3.96

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