вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Last day in June

waren drin. The last day of this month was successful: 57BBs were there. But at the end it was not so good. Mainly because of a "oh yes, I got a couple, then I just call everything goes" -Lucker. My biggest loss was then KJo and a corner flop. Since I knew that my only opponents called everything and if he only has a pair of 4s, I shot him after Turn (Q) AllIn set, and he has gecalled, finally, yes, he has taken his lady ... And on the River came a sixth Now guess times, which was his second card? !

But regardless, in order to try one of my books are free to quote: "You will not play many hands and not many Pots win, but if you are even bigger!"
Law had the good man, with my two kings and the 3rd King on the flop, I could double my $ 10 and I am so good things from the table.

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