вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

A little profit

So, since I still have something before, the Pokertag for me to the end. I must say that I am addressing this poker Office accustomed. Werd I probably have a little test, and if it continues to run even as good buy.

gereicht. Today it for a profit of $ 7 ~ sufficed. Think this is quite ok, but I only two 0,05 / 0.10 PL tables played hab. After 70BBs in about an hour. If I continue to so much bad luck with AK have become, then I become the pre-flop soon as 72o. Once I had today so lucky, only has a $ 1.20 pre-flop, and that was me too risky. The flop was obviously A K X and the Raiser lost at the end with some low Q5o against everybody.

Current status:-$ 91.45

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