вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.


To not just for the day to play, I think of some goals for the next term are:

Goal 1
. First, I would like my bank roll a little up here, I thought to $ 500. I guess that I will need about three months.

Objective 2
With a larger bank rolling course also increase the limits. My current goal is that I relaxed at the $ 0.5 / $ 1 play. With rising bank roll, I will of course, the limits of which first try. One problem here is that, Poker Time is not really a lot of tables in this limit offers. If here who has a tip, so I would have a look Comment.

Objective 3
Attention, here, I will now have a little megalomaniac. pro Tag. Towards the end of the year I would have liked an average income of $ 50 per day. That would still not be enough to live on poker, but it would certainly be a nice little pocket money.

But first everything step by step. At the moment, eh private first a little stress on me to (move), then I will be back but hopefully more concentrate on playing poker.

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