вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Where it goes down ...

... It must also go up again. Could someone please wake me when the time comes? Because at the moment I understand it is not easy, actually, it is fairly no matter what cards I receive. Either I can without equal chance after the flop away or I treff was good on the flop, but somebody else was better.

At least at a table ran it today. Within 4 hands, I have $ 10 in the doubles. First came KK, then TT with the 3rd T on the flop and, finally, a beautiful A-High-Flush. Would gladly know why it is not always so?

Well, despite the poor result for today: -74BBs

I am glad that I am at this moment in the low limit games. Nevertheless, it might be slow but go uphill again. Furthermore, I remain optimistic, and my bank is still rolling large enough to insert such setbacks. And with my bonus is also Toltec, which should be some of the setbacks auskurrieren. When I first achieved the bonus, I will still try for a week or so a poker break. Maybe yes, I am simply exhausted! ?

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