вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

More time = More Money?

It would be really nice if the bill would be so easy.
Today, I had the longest $ 0.25 / $ 0.25 Session counter 1h35min! I know some people now have probably read loud laugh, as there are only played warm. But for some, it simply is not as easy as much time to markets.

( $2.75 ) But we come to the green numbers: 11BBs ($ 2.75)

Really not the world, but why did some bonus points. And any profit, even the smallest, is always more value as a loss! I seh know, it should be with the Poker Career nothing, then I become a philosopher start ... Or at least as a writer for greeting cards.

The session was somehow quite mixed, at the beginning, I had pretty good cards, and was also a lot of profit itself. Unfortunately, I fool me once again too much on the Top Pair leave A with J as a kicker, of course, which promptly beaten by an AK. Otherwise, I probably me today, the wrong tables ready, the people at the tables there were so tight, when the go to the loo, then come out diamonds. You had the wrong Raise-Knopf only watch and already foldeten all ... Of course, only if you had a good hand. When times to semi-bluff wanted to start, of course, then came the re immediately. Well, at least I probably werd slowly but surely have learned that it is not too much to the top pair.

My book is also arrived today, now that I look in a little bed for reading brings.

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