вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Completion of the day Saturday

Puh, which was scarce. At three tables I played at each and somehow on the face. War shortly before tilt to go, but I was able to catch me again and I have played more concentrated.
Do I owe today's profit actually only my AllIn victory AA vs. KK. Otherwise, it would now probably must gloomy.
What annoyed me a little is that I have the statistics Eurobet.com briefly at the table has turned on itself, which in turn has led to the Office poker cards no longer could read and therefore again a few hands omitted. Well, I at least my bank roll even in Excel monitors. Hopefully I will soon find out how you Poker Office in the hands of Eurobet.com manually import.

(~ $11.50 ) Results of the night session: +46 BBs (~ $ 11.50)
(~ $26.50 ) Result of the day: +106 BBs (~ $ 26.50)

For now at least, I retract further into the black and finally have a positive outcome BB. Certainly, I feel this limit but not yet. Think, however, that in the next few days.

Current Level: 2 ($ 0.25 / $ 0.25 PL)
/ 500 Big Blinds: 42 / 500
/ 273 (21% geschafft!) Poker Points: 59.57 / 273 (21%!)
Real: $ 13.74

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