вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

July captures so well ...

That really was not the dream start in July. But somehow wanted it today simply do not work. I think that today is simply the complete happiness for Mr. "100% FSR" was forgiven. The guy was really hard. He has every (and I mean every) Flop viewed, no matter how high the Pre flop Bet. If this is not bad, they can be exempt from the loveliest. Only has not worked in the financial statements had at $ 50 ($ 10, max. Buyin for the table). Once I thought I had him. I had ATo on the hand and the flop brought TTx, on the River was then still the Full House favor him and I just always nice to make the first Bet. After his Bet on the River, I AllIn, he called me and I enjoy it. Only a pity that he had the other T and therefore gave a Split Pot.
Otherwise I AA against a straight lost and 3x AK (both at 3 different tables) I have not really money.

Overall, I must say, however, that even if today it simply ran shitty, I insgesammt was satisfied with me. A few big pot I won, but unfortunately much more by River Luck of the other lost. But should I play so on (and so is a bit lucky), then it should go up again soon.

Results of today: -193BBs

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