вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Short evening

This was a very short poker evening, dragging the whole of the furniture and moving boxes, I just no longer really fit and I have already noticed how my concentration towards the end nachlies. Actually shame, because it a) ran relatively well and b) I then tomorrow again have no Internet, and therefore can not play.

In any case, today I was sitting comfortably in my three poker tables at Time, at the table with my special friend "szww." Some call him the "China Farmer" by Poker Time. A very aggressive player who, at times, like a high use with nothing on the hand. I would be interested to know whether the guy at the end of one day green numbers writes. One seh him, I often times with $ 60 + at a table of the $ 10 max. BuyIn. However, I also have often seen how complete his money to other players.

We come to my current data:
Played I, as I said, not very long. The longest of my three tables was 28 minutes. reichte. What still for 136BBs handed. This brings me once the 1000BBs Level 2 for a step closer and also use my real approaching the green numbers. Grenze habe ich durchbrochen. At least the $ 20-limit, I passed.

Current Level 1 ($ 0.05 / $ 0.10 PL)
Big Blinds: +784
Real: $ 19.92

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