вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Nut Flush Draw

You know what's nice? It is a slight increase with AQs in the flop and meets two times its color. As you can turn it is to make a small increase, so that the other one does not want rausbieten. On the turn, then the 5th A map of the desired color. At that moment I had not even so happy, because it makes money mostly only when someone else also has its flush. und das Gegenüber setzt erstmal 20BBs. So first checked and already makes BANG, and the confrontation continues 20BBs first. Because I wanted to know, and then it just got to 80BBs increased. One could almost feel like my counterparts about, very slowly walked to the end of time beam direction, and shortly before closing, I thought he folded, the call came. Quite AllIn I was still not, the rest of 5BBs I then sat still in the River ... Pot zu einem wandert. It's just nice if so a $ 48.70 Pot to a wanders.

Summary of the day
Played: 35 minutes
Big Blinds: 107
Profit: $ 26.75

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