вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Dawn in gold in the mouth

For a few hands, it does, only somehow I should only play if I really know that I min. One hour can play. However, I Eurobet Poker Office and shown on the nerves.
Listen to me shows poker hands in my Office Live Tracker, and then not to smear me Eurobet.com. The beautiful is that I not only crashed, but even when I just KK on the hand. Well, that is precisely what I AllIn a gecalled and, as I had in my bank roll watched hab, I also won. Unfortunately, the good Lord had not much money at the table.
Well, after a reboot my PC does Eurobet.com then again and again. No idea why this is. But I have an email to the support written, maybe yes, I get an answer.

, damit nähere ich mich wieder einmal den schwarzen Zahlen. So the outcome of today's morning: +30 BBs, so I further once the black figures.

Current Level: 2 ($ 0.25 / $ 0.25 PL)
Big Blinds: -34
Poker Points: 29.40 / 273 (10%!)
Real:-$ 5.81

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