вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Lunch session

Exceptionally midday today, I had a little time to play. There was nothing special, was very concentrated and have also played well. Hab now only played in two tables and one wanted simply no cards (Flop Lakes: below 5%). At the other ran a little bit better. (~ $7.25 ). The result not even 30 minutes of playing time: 29BBs (~ $ 7.25).
Somehow, even though I thought about my Duration. When I look at the statistics look so, then I have in the new limit has never been more than an hour played. But it works, that's the main thing. Nevertheless, I sometimes make a nice evening, in which only poker is played by me and I do not let other things distract.

I got another $ 25 at Eurobet.com paid, so I can handle the monthly bonus. But now I am not quite sure whether I handle both at once, or whether I need to pay off the succession. Succession would not be so great, because then I will probably fail. Do I have to remember next month.

Current Level: 2 ($ 0.25 / $ 0.25 PL)
/ 500 Big Blinds: 71 / 500
/ 273 (23% geschafft!) Poker Points: 63.77 / 273 (23%!)
Real: $ 20.99

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