вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

June-Monthly Review

So my dear reader, which would then June. I hope that one or the other like my blog, and to the extent be. At the end of the month, I will always write a small summary.

Level System
The level of system B @ nd! T pleases me pretty good, and it gives the game an added incentive. Therefore, I will continue to hold to this system. Possibly, I will be there in one way or another agency nor my personal wishes, but by and large it fits yes.

Slowly but surely, I have completed my bonus. I am still missing nearly 70 points and for that I have 14 days. So 5 points per day, should somehow to create.

Although there at my level up and fall off wild with my bank roll went up and down, so I put the month but successfully completed. Since I unfortunately Poker Office is not yet the beginning of Roda did let down following are the statistics and graphs sadly incomplete. Well, I in my blog my financial status down.

Profit in June: about $ 75
Real Earnings:-$ 22:25
Bank Roll Total: $ 176.33

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