вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Poker Tips - The Tournament

Today there will be a $ 5 + $ 0.50 tournament, can play only the users of the Poker Tips Forum. Added are:
Royal Tiger, flittner, HSVer, Aussieboy79, tigga132, dacult, palim203, silent3k, w8meister, byronx, reicke, DrJ22, exxtromo, Hape42Titan, Fiiegi, teemike, MacMaarky

Price Structure
First Place: $ 45
Second Place: $ 27
Third Place: $ 18

I will present my blog entry almost as a "Live" report down and the circumstances so great comment.

Now we go along with reicke, HSVer, teemike, w8meister, byronx, exxtromo, tigga132 flittner and I sit with my 1,500 chips at a table. Teemike is the winner of the first-hand.
Exxtromo is currently slightly lagging behind, because he already twice a check on itself has taken leave.

My personal goal I have at this moment is reached, incidentally, I am not the last, at the other table is the first eliminated. If I do not get a few hands would, then it would be even more beautiful. The currently gets all flittner only AA, KK. Oha ... One of AllIn exxtromo with AA against tigga132 with AJ, his tigga is true in the J-turn, but unfortunately not enough. He still 130 chips, not a good start for him. The next hand is then made his own end.
Teemike it after a courageous AllIn (56s) against exxtromo (AKo) as the next. This exxtromo now has a comfortable lead. Unlike me, I am already down to 850 chips, and it will not come easy.

Reicke while trying to steal the blinds, or they flop to get me, he unfortunately gecalled and won with a flush. This is the evening after 45 minutes and 13 Space already gone for me.

After a tough final phase is finished the tournament:

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