вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Hot Sunday

Unfortunately, only the relatively warm weather, because the cards now allow me quite cold. Previously, I had two sessions today. zu erspielen. Both were very mixed, but it is a total, in any case, at times to -40BBs contribution. I think this is just compensation for yesterday's success.

Today, I also want to SnG ($ 5 + $ 0.50), and now I am again why I really do not like to be playing. Through the blinds is simply far too often forced to play something, what you would otherwise not play. Would I basically do not disturb, but for the happiness of this too rarely on my side. Of course I am not finish as 4th

My real income (or loss), I will probably not be here next document (only in private for me), because I actually fixed my bank roll hab. Whether I am in total plus or minus is because I am not really that important.

Look times tonight if I still play a little session ...

Here, it suddenly started to rain as to what else, plus it was a little cooler. Kann mir ein Mensch erzählen, was sich manche Spieler denken? Actually, but the perfect conditions for an evening session. A SCHEISS! Can a person tell me what some players think? With what the call is simply not normal, much unnormaler is that the course on the River ALWAYS their card. I like the result did not write here, is too depressing. I update it easy on the side ...

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