вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Visit at home

This weekend, I once again in my parents' home to my recent furniture in the new apartment and to my carding time to sort.
Precautionary I had my laptop in the process so that here, at least, I came to the Internet. In the early evening, I have a small round played poker, but not really long, because I realized that I had played very falters, and within a very short time about 15 BB lost.

In the late evening, I then started again, this time concentrated and motivated. Thanks to the mini-Tables of Poker Time, I could also easily three tables on the monitor of my house TFTs. Since I unfortunately Poker Office is installed, but my concentration on the other PC, it had this time without the live tracker.

It actually ran from the start pretty well and I had two very good hands:
Once I could well with my two aces clean up. In flop were 8 8 9, and in turn, I met my third Ass As ever walked a large pot to me. It has helped me, among other things, that one of my opponents 8 9 on the hand held.

The second big pot came with my two kings, here was the flop K 4 4 for myself ready. Opponents held A A 4 on the hand and cared for so much action until after the All In turn finally gone, I was also at this table a juicy profit Bun.

Results of today's hour:
( $25,83 ) Big Blinds: +258 ($ 25.83)

Current Level 1 ($ 0.05 / $ 0.10 PL)
Big Blinds: +648
Real: $ 33.55

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