четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

If, as alone ...

It's really amazing what a little adjustment for the starting hands can work wonders. Small Stakes Hold'em is finally a book that at the previous Anknüpft and not always everything from the front. Therefore, even a special thanks to Iascaire (unfortunately did not link to blog or homepage of you), this book is my last recommended.

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
At the beginning I was sitting at two tables, it ran on a well at the other ran it worse. Lag but mainly to a Draw is not worked out (the pot odds were of course there), and someone who is a Full House has played passively (not even my Bet on the River has increased!) . Eventually, I am still at a third table, in which it also ran no better. But really were simply no maps, and the flops because the times I did, which was nothing. But what is not bad, then we finally win favor with the flops which meets all the more. So it was also at my desk, where I use my $ 20 more than doubled, and so come to a good end.
(+ $10 Bonus) Result: 13.5BBs (+ $ 10 bonus)

Apply a small change in my blog, so far I have always rounded BBs, which could in time, however, somewhat distort the statistics, so I will now specify that, then I also need nolonger the dollar value behind.
With the BBs today I have finally broken the 100BBs border, and in addition, a goal achieved by me, which I quite at the beginning of my blog, and even had the time to have achieved: My bank is in fact now roll over $ 500 ($ 558.96 at exactly to be $ 192.99 which I paid at the beginning).

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