четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Home Game ...

Yesterday was again a Home Game announced. After the last time everything was played loose, we had considered the limit should be raised a little and played so € 0:05 / 0:10 € PL. Since we have three new people, however, it had the no or almost no experience had Hold'em, the increase has also brought nothing but perked gecalled everything. Bluffing was again not.
My hands were a little better this time than last time, but I also needed, so I loss my pocket K's against the Ace on the River balance. abgeschlossen... So, I have the evening end with a gain of ~ 1 € completed ... I think at least. Bazuka was so nice to me my chips up before I do with the distribution of the money was finished, and so I could not just to recount, it was probably much more. ;)
Of the seven people went 3 with profit after home, except me just yet Bazuka (4, xx €), and David, one of the new, with 17 €. € The 17 were also deserves, at least if you schweinemäßiges luck than merit. ;)

Otherwise, everything was, as always: wine, women and song ... In addition to the wine gabs then beer, woman remained at home, however, and the singing was cruel. :)

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