четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

CCP done Bonus

Another bonus done. Here is my little bonus to review and CCP.

Eingezahlt: $ 50
Paid: $ 195
These Bonus: $ 125
Of Profit: $ 20

The software was not the yellow of the egg. The tables were not resizable, so we always had overlapping work tables (not everyone has a monitor with resolution 1600s). The chat was very confusing and really only understand if you really are on the table respected. An advertisement on the RHs has also missing, so you always had to support your site.

Clearly a very good bonus. Signup $ 125 with $ 20 min. Payment is not to despise. On each of these bonus limit was equally well off. What disturbed me in retrospect, is that a RH only as RH counts if you participate actively in the pot, and has disrupted that you could find anywhere.

My face was badly unexaggerated the worst player I have ever seen. Ok, I was only at 0.1/0.2 FL tables on the way, I still have to play Money tables a higher level. I really do not like it when the opponents are so bad, because then you can not put on a hand or somehow trying times the enemy another.

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