четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Dream Session

Well, who can guess the word game? No, I have no 200BBs won, but my bonus at Dream Poker started. Unfortunately, with the same pay $ 100 less worked. $ 40, I paid $ 60 and I have yet to play.

(Dream Poker) Session 1 (Dream Poker)
One could somehow grad believe that all only two aces to wait and nothing else to play. Meißt has one at the table, just every hand raised, because he so often simply steal the blinds. So does that then forward until you have a good hand and then everyone Re-Raise rises. Actually, I had only one good hand, AKo with which I have taken my King and so I could be a little what do. Many RHs did not really happen.
I will return to Paradise Poker ... * * Schnief
Result: 4.5BBs

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