четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

No Bock

Man today, I had no desire to really play. Maybe sit me, the loss of yesterday is something in the bones. Well, so the bonus but finally there is, I am back in CCP on the tables. I think I had today 3x KK and one of them I even won, but I was probably up to the River back, because I think straight. Once I then against AJs lost on the flop got his flush. Unfortunately, I had the K in the paint, so I pretty much got lost (for the limit). The defeat was not bad, AJs is a good source. What was bad was the 72o against because he got straight.
Once a word to all beginners: You called 72o with no increase! Actually called with 72o nothing!
waren das heute... - $ 12:42 were today ...

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