четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

That has paid off times

So the bonus of Golden Riviera was once pure waste of time. If I change the next time a bonus for Prima see it, then I do an arc about. In some books is something about "Table Selection" and the man in the "juicy" play tables. With GR (or Prima), there are tables, but these are not easy. Either you just supertighte people at the table or Calling Stations. Against the latter, I actually nothing, but came no cards with which I would have to exclude people.

Yesterday I 10BBs so again in the sand, but at least I make my RHs complete and the war Bonus:

Deposit: $ 50
Payout: $ 55
These Bonus: $ 45
These profit-$ 40

Yes Can everyone expect myself how much I have won by now. One question I now go to my readers: Should I really 40BBs now deduct from my level, or should I ignore them? Because I really would have never volunteered at tables set so! Bin times on your comments curious!

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