четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.


As already announced, I wanted to with the remaining money from poker Dream a little experiment. I have also done today. First I could not decide what I wanted ...

(Dream Poker) Session 1 (Dream Poker)
... Then I just decided I ever try the next level. So off to a $ 1 / $ 2 FL table. Seltsamerweiße were looser than the tables of my levels. Well, then did just before hingespielt me. The people are still often abandoned on the flop, I was after the first two orbits with + -0 there are lies. Then came as a button ATs in my hand, my increase was only one with the game. The flop brought KKA (chance at Backdoor flush) and I sat, my opponent went with. Turn was another diamond and I sat, my opponent went with. The River then finally gave me my hoped-Flush and I sat, but behold, my opponent increases, I do the same, he called, I win. So easy it can be. * G * Since the same pizza messenger at the door, should I have in the first place ceased.
Result: $ 13

(Paradise Poker) Session 2 (Paradise Poker)
Since I am again, back in Paradis. Either there, I just schweinemäßiges luck or I come with the people there clearly better or SSH always pays more. Regardless, it is. The special session was in the now, that I actually rarely to the showdown gone bin. Thanks to the aggressive play are the people meißt previously (also from relatively big pots) went out. Bin really surprised that so well.
Result: 9BBs

This is also another bank rolling mark cracked, now it's over $ 700 to me to play are available. With a little luck and maybe a nice bonus, I will perhaps $ 1000 this month still crack?

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