четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

By holding ...

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
It is strange whenever I sit at two tables, then running it in a good and the other bad. So it was this time. On most have my Pocket J's cost, only the pot was simply too large to get out. No matter what annoys me more was my QJs hand, QJ comes on the flop and a Q on the turn. Only I could not do anything, my opponents have always durchgecheckt to me and my first Bet I both expelled.
At the other table ran it a lot better. AQ was this kind to me, especially when it against AT higher than Two Pair won.
By winning today, I will also be compensated for the bad day again and have a positive balance in Paradise.
Result: 18.75BBs

Since I find just one that I have something of a bonus have read, the more I wanted a closer look ...

... Ah because it is yes. $ 20 deposit and 1000RHs a $ 125 bonus. It counts again each hand.

(Casino Club Poker) Session 2 (Casino Poker Club)
Because I will also make time off and sit me of the low limit tables. That would be the 0.10/0.20 FL tables. I got only a little incidentally played (and not really very good), the few hands, however, should not be a problem.
Result: $ 4:19 -

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