четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Nearly four months, and + -0

Yes, I do for me, my private finances in poker, but I also dokumentier how much I Poker, and by how much bonuses earned hab. The Mini-down swing and the result grottenschlechte at Golden Riviera (of which my bonus because I still have not heard!) I have in the four months through poker at the moment - around $ 1.
As you can see yet again that the whole Boni really worthwhile. When you consider that my $ 600 or less only by BR bonuses built hab. However, I think that I, I would have been no bonuses and weitergespielt normal, I make a little more profit would have. Also, the $ 150 that I at Party Poker in the sand set hab, it is obviously not forgotten.

Party Poker is a good term, because I saw again a bonus of running. I am just difficult Consider whether I should take. There is only a 20% bonus and a lot of money, I just did not liquid, but I think that $ 250 can I got into it and I get $ 50 bonus. Some seem even $ 30 to get on the course, I may not do.

Then I should also finally coming back to my level, and somewhat more concentrated and longer than usual next week, so I thank God vacation, I like to look and see whether there was create a little catch up, the 200BBs least, I would like to slow through times.

Otherwise, I just work again "Small Stakes Hold'em", especially my post-flop game is probably still need improvement.

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