четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Empire bonus done ... Again

The course was very fast. Just 5 tables set and losgespielt. Actually, I was all the time an additional $ 10 in the Plus, only then I am with my 2 Set, which is on the River to the full House, unfortunately, against a higher full house gone. These two straights of the opponents that I in the hectic unfortunately overlooked. But not bad, I was really just the bonus.

Eingezahlt: $ 150
Paid: $ 169
(davon $22.50 als Bonus, macht -$3.50 beim Pokern) Profit: $ 19 ($ 22.50 as a bonus, makes $ 3.50-at poker)

As I said, the bonus for me was really just a matter of him off quickly. Nothing much is yes ... ;)

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