четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Variance proposes to

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
Jaja ... The variance, as it is. War, but also as jinxes. Although I did get some Pocket Pairs, but never very high and a set I had never met. AQ brought me no happiness, just as an aggressive White game. On annoys me most, however, is still playing with AJo, I will increase and gecalled. The flop brings nothing good, just like Turn and River. Nevertheless called me one, no wonder he has his two. After all, they called a preflop Raise yes, if you 72o to the hand! But the name I will remember me!
Result: -21BBs

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
Something I just do wrong ... I just really not what grad! ? Glaub for today lass I prefer times.
Result: -41.75BBs

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