четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Bonus Whoring continues ...

First still something quickly to yesterday's session ...

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
Is really nothing special to report, except that the first 100RHs are managed and me, the first $ 10 bonus equal contributions. There must be genuine praise Paradise, which will be a RHs immediately, without delay, and the money has been available on the account (including a message box with notification). At Bet365 I was always very annoying, and only had 15 minutes RHs delay in the ad, and then we also had only via email the bonus request.
Anging As for the play, so I could at least a minimal profit concert.
( $0.75 + $10 Bonus) Result: 1BB ($ 0.75 + $ 10 bonus)

Otherwise, I have an email from Empire Poker against, I hardly got a bonus finished, yet there is the new. But only 15% to $ 75, because I just do not have $ 500 rumliegen, I could only the remaining $ 150 deposit at Empire. That is still $ 22.50 at 225RHs. gemacht. Yesterday I first played 34RHs quickly while still $ 2.19. But there is always yes then only on the bonus on it.

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