четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Empire bonus done!

It was now time really very simple. Hab just about 2 hour session behind me, on 6 tables at the same time. In the two hours I RHs all necessary for the bonus achieved. Let us look at what the data say:

Eingezahlt: $ 279
Paid: $ 350
(davon $69.75 Bonus) Profit: $ 71 ($ 69.75 including bonus)

As for the poker would have, I do not know a lot about. ) und an den 6 Tischen eben, hab ich eigentlich auch nur schnell immer die richtige Tasten drücken können ( -$3.48 ). When I first got 30RHs made, yes, I also played WoW (+ $ 5) and the 6 tables just, I just really quickly is the right keys (-$ 3:48). While I was there a short time in Plus, but someday I probably lost the overview and some bad cards River, a total of 3x is my cracked been set, which of course is quite expensive. If somehow cruel, when everything begins to peep and on the monitors first find the correct window. ;)
Bonus time look what comes next. My bank has been rolling the way, the $ 450 is exceeded, which reported a net profit of about $ 250. Not bad ...

Today, I will no longer play first and the first new WoW Patch try.

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