четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Experimentation ...

Casino Poker Club had a few problems today, so I could not really play long. verlieren. Nevertheless, I could always lose $ 0.10. ;) Also, I have learned that not every RH counts, but only those for which it participates actively in the pot. Well, the last 300 schaff I still somehow.

As the evening I spend pokerlos not wanted, I am back in my experiments Dream Poker. The times were good in the pants! verzockt. * G * First, I am back to the 1 / 2 FL tables set no idea whether I have played badly or simply had bad luck, in any case, I have almost $ 35 verzockt. If they are indeed 15BBs only on the level.
Then I tried something completely new to me and a NL20 SH table and it was like it had to come: I got my BuyIn quadrupled ... * Wart *... verloren. At least in the dream I had, in real life, unfortunately, I lost $ 15. die ich verspielt hab. Overall, it was $ 47.15 and I got wasted.
But this is only my Experimentiergeld, try again tomorrow.

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