четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.


Hab quite forgotten my monthly financial report for September.

Poker Stars: $ 15.70
Paradise Poker: $ 21.75
VC Poker: $ 1:43 -
Dream Poker: $ 28.85
Casino Club: $ 145.58
Golden Riviera: $ 11.50
Party Poker:-$ 75.63
Total: $ 146.32
Bank Roll: $ 545
Cashout: $ 200

Party scrambles to me again the statistics, but thanks to the bonus werd because I also upset with Plus. Casino Club, thanks to his bonus was the winner of the month, I will be there regularly but not play.

So I really did not come forward. I am also coming back on the thought that if I continue to do so whether or not my system a little change. At the moment, yes, I rather No Limit packed. Maybe I have a little practice, and then to continue. After the bonus of Party Poker, I probably the NL10 SH tables unsafe.

Not a very good month, but it still has something to gain enough. By the end of the year I had my bank roll really happy again doubled. Look time whether the work.

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